Careers at Minus Zero

At Minus Zero,  we are trying  build a future we all dream of eventually. We are looking for passionate people, who share our verticals of out-of-the-box innovation and the greater vision to create a tomorrow that gives a 'wow' by doing it 'now'. We live in accelerated timelines, perpetual energy and original thinking.

We work both remotely and in-person. Current students and freshers are welcome too.

If you feel ready, come join the league. Remember you are never too small for anything.  Check regularly for open positions. Feel free to drop in your resume anytime.

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What we look for?

•  Skills - Degrees don't matter much here
•  Evidence - Any proof (except mark-sheet or copied projects) 
•  Audacious - Think the impossible. Go beyond traditional norms.
•  Pragmatic - Practical approach. You don't trust theory.
•  Impact-Driven - You aim to create a better future for everyone.
•  Original - You solve it your own way.
•  Learner - You learn, grow and adapt consistently.
•  Collaborate - Diverse minds. One Vision. Greater Impact
•  Survive - Fast-paced. Tricky. Tough. You name it.
•  You don't give up.

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