About Us

Minus Zero is India's first startup building fully Self-Driving Cars in the country, capable of Level 5 autonomy with highly energy-efficient electric vehicle design and proprietary nature-inspired AI that is less dependent on extensive data & costly sensor suite (like LIDAR's, etc.)

Our fully Autonomous Electric Cars will be able to drive autonomously even in highly unstructured and disorganized traffic scenarios.

This began as an off-shoot of a project undertaken to counter the rise of road accidents in the country. Over 80% of road accidents happen due to the negligence of the human driver. It's time that the travel experience in a tough traffic environment like India becomes more rider-centric eventually decreasing the pressure on a driver. Along with wide use cases of autonomous driving infrastructure in other domains like defense, logistics and bionics, we are amalgamating this tech with clean energy to power a sustainable automotive industry.

Our cutting edge research & development in nature-inspired AI architecture marvels with less dependency on previous training datasets, and is able to extract greater insights from limited inputs that will help create affordable and standalone AI enabled solutions whose benefits are sector-agnostic.

We aspire to shape the next decade in automotive sector with robust fully autonomous driving capabilities in electric cars.


We are a team of young & dynamic technologists and engineers focused on innovating in an accelerated time frame. We are building the 'stuff'. We might fail at times. But we brush ourselves up and get back to the 'stuff' again with a better approach.

Coming from diverse domains including computer science, robotics, automobile engineering, finance and management from across the country, we are united towards a common vision of building a sustainable future for the humanity.

Our Founders

"You don't sell the 'future' to the people. You have to let them experience it. Evolve your imagination beyond the possible, before evolving the 'tech'. And then bring that 'stuff' out of the labs." 

Gagandeep Reehal
Co-Founder & CEO

Gagandeep Reehal


Gagandeep is a deep-tech engineer, AI researcher and an author, involved in research in Human-centered AI, Autonomous Vehicles/Robotics and High Performance Computing, and  already three book publications at age of 20.

Gursimran Kalra


Gursimran is a final year finance and management student at SRCC. With a past experience of working at BSE and as investment banker at Vidura Capital, he is a dedicated professional in domains of finance, operations and resource management.