Building the Future of Mobility

Minus Zero

Building Self Driving Cars in India

Fully Driverless Cars

✔  Level 5 autonomy
✔  Safer than a human driver
✔  Affordable shared mobility

Our Culture


Off-paper Research

Our research methodologies go beyond paper - we engineer our research, instead of merely publishing it. Put the idea out in the wild, and it evolves inside out.

You don't need PhD

Yes, it's year "2020 + x" and we realize that skills can't be measured by academic degrees or work experience. You are never too small to make it big.

Innovation & Impact

We believe in innovating out-of-the-box, building together a future we all wish for in our dreams - sustainable, affordable, yet better than the very science fiction.

Made in India

Our country has the capacity to be the pillar of global economy. It needs more than self-reliance.  We strive to put India on the world map - a new legacy for the future - for the world at large.

Imagine Possibilities

We imagine the impossible, and figure out the possibilities. If it doesn't exist, we can't resist creating one. Even the biggest of all creations began with a single "idea".

Build the Stuff

At Minus Zero? Get your hands dirty. Design. Engineer. Code. Debug. Test. Doesn't work? Reverse engineer. Our labs go way beyond simulations.  We let people experience the future we are building.

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